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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fantastic Day!!!

Today we were at Mid Ohio MotorSports Park.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day today.  Our first run we thought was just ok.  When times were posted we were happily surprised that Markjon had finished 16th. That moved us in the overall rankings to 16th.  The conversation around the pits was how well the Jaguar was doing!!  We had lunch with about 15 other teams and then went back to the track.  We got there just in time to where Steve could go out for the tour laps and he had a blast doing that!!!!!  The afternoon session Markjon felt the same way about he wasn't sure how he did and again he posted an amazing time and was 15th and now we are 15th overall.  We have never been ranked this high so we are so pumped about that.  When we left the track we headed to Design Engineering in Avon Lake, Ohio for a meal. There was a bunch of people there to see the cars.  Even the police directing traffic and bringing us in to the parking lot. People were taking pictures and asking a ton of questions.  We stayed for a while and now we are on our way to South Haven, MI.  We should be there at around 8:30 for a good meal and a good night sleep.  The weather forecast doesn't look the greatest but we hope it holds out for us.

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  1. Hoping that this morning went well. So sorry that we had to cancel our trip. We have been planning it for the longest time. Madalynn is very sad to miss seeing her race car driver uncle Markjon (and Grandpa and Linda of course). Wow! 14th overall. Now that's amazing! It may be the last tour for the Jag but her (and your) experience is paying off. Good luck this afternoon. Wish we were there not in the shop.

    Diana (MJ's Mom)