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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fantastic Day!!!

Today we were at Mid Ohio MotorSports Park.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day today.  Our first run we thought was just ok.  When times were posted we were happily surprised that Markjon had finished 16th. That moved us in the overall rankings to 16th.  The conversation around the pits was how well the Jaguar was doing!!  We had lunch with about 15 other teams and then went back to the track.  We got there just in time to where Steve could go out for the tour laps and he had a blast doing that!!!!!  The afternoon session Markjon felt the same way about he wasn't sure how he did and again he posted an amazing time and was 15th and now we are 15th overall.  We have never been ranked this high so we are so pumped about that.  When we left the track we headed to Design Engineering in Avon Lake, Ohio for a meal. There was a bunch of people there to see the cars.  Even the police directing traffic and bringing us in to the parking lot. People were taking pictures and asking a ton of questions.  We stayed for a while and now we are on our way to South Haven, MI.  We should be there at around 8:30 for a good meal and a good night sleep.  The weather forecast doesn't look the greatest but we hope it holds out for us.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jaguar/BMW frustrating

Sorry this is so late.  We were exhausted last night and didn't get in until just after 3 am last night.  We drove well over 800 miles yesterday after racing 3 different times.  Overall we dropped 3 spots.  Long story short the Jaguar overheated again on the last lap of the afternoon session in Atlanta and the last lap at BMW.  Needless to say I am not happy at all.  I drive to hard to have the car give up.  I am done with this car as far as that is concerned---the more I think about it I'm just pissed!  Steve and I did exceptional on the drives yesterday and besides seeing a few accidents on the highway it was uneventful day driving through a total of 7 states plus DC---you have never done that.  If the car over heats today I think I will overheat.  Hoping to get a little sleep on the way to Ohio later today.  We are at New Jersey Motorsports Park for two events today.  Looking forward to strong finishes due to the fact they are long fast track set ups.  I will update again tonight.  Thanks for following us.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Another good day!

Another good day at the tracks.  Moved to 21st overall and 2nd in class!  Car had a little glitch on 2nd run of the day, but it seems to remedied itself.  A few more cars have dropped,out as well.  I'm sure we will lose a few more tomorrow.  I am very proud of how,I did on the oval today.  I finished 17th!  Who new I would be that fast.  The Jaguar continues to be amazing on these long transit drives.  Tomorrow I will see my Aunt and Uncle at our race in Spartensburg SC at the BMW performance center.  We are still feeling good and have about 45 minutes until we get to the hotel.  We are getting tired.  I'll update again tomorrow night.  Thanks for following us.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Great day in Memphis

Very good day for us at Mephis International Speedway.  Finally a big track for the Jag to stretch its legs.  Finished low 20's in the morning and 16 in the afternoon.  After all was said and done we moved up many spots.  At lunch we gave the car a well deserved bath.  Late afternoon was drag racing where I ended up tying for 7th.  We moved up 12 spots today!  Had a very good day.  We are now in New Orleans where the track is much like today's just much larger.  Again, we should do well there.  We then drive to Alabama to do an oval track.  I have only been on an oval once before so it should be another good learning experience for me.  Once we're done on the oval we drive another 400 miles to Atlanta.  Yes, it is very hard but so far we are doing well and Satellite radio is awesome on this trip.  We were third on scene tonight as we got into town and witnessed a head on crash into the cement divider---no one seemed seriously hurt thank goodness.  Thanks for following us.  I'll do another update tomorrow night.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mediocre start

Good evening.  We have been so ahead of schedule we stopped forms nice sit down meal just outside of Nashville.  We have 2 hours to Memphis Tennessee to do two road courses and bracket drag racing tomorrow.  We have out of the way the two events the Jagnis bad at: 1) wet skid pad. 2) Autocross courses.  I love to Autocross, but this car is just to big to do well.  If you look at the top finishers they are virtually all small cars.  We are doing very well and are having a good time.  We are 38th overall, but will move up many spots tomorrow.  I did notice they have us in the wrong class also.  We should be in Stock GT, not Stock Touring.  We will get that fixed in the morning.  Thanks for following us.  I will keep tweeting and updating this blog each night.

Friday, May 2, 2014

2014 OLOA. All checked in.

Got here late last night.  Of course I was done by 9:45, so Steve as always took over and finished the drive.  It's very nice doing this 4 times now.  We no where every good restaurant, gas station, Walgreen's, and McDonalds dipped Ice Cream Cone is located.  Check in went very well today.  Several new faces and lots of familiar ones.  A couple vehicles:  a heavily customized Audi R8 and Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, easily cost $250k a piece.  The money here is crazy!  People from all over the country and one team from Switzerland.  We ate at our favorite Chinese Restaurant tonight and had a good dinner.  Looking forward to one last great night of sleep and the event starts at 8 am.  The first event is the wet skid pad, then 82 miles to an Air Force Base for a very large Autocross course.  Thanks for your support and well wishes.  I will send an update to this blog at the end of each day.  Also you can follow us on Twitter---@oloaxkr 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Last event

Well, we did the skid pad yesterday and it didn't go well.  Car overheated again and we finished 50th.  That tumbled us down 3 spots to a 5th in class and 35th overall.  Without car problems we should have been approx. another 5 spots.  Car will be going to service this week to try and get if figured out.  Overall I am happy with the finish.  We moved up 8 spots from last year and I continue to learn the cars limits, weaknesses, and strengths.  Already we are excited for next year as we continue to make more friends and keep old ones.  It is the craziest/toughest event I can think of doing, yet look forward to it each year.  Thanks again to my family and friends for the support, and a huge thanks to all of the sponsors and people that donated money in Elizabeth's honoe for Blank Pediatric Therapy.  We are up to approximately $5,000 now!!!  The kids at Blank are going to have a lot more devices to use that they wouldn't have had because of the generosity of our sponsors and individuals that bought stars.  Thank you so much.