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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Last event

Well, we did the skid pad yesterday and it didn't go well.  Car overheated again and we finished 50th.  That tumbled us down 3 spots to a 5th in class and 35th overall.  Without car problems we should have been approx. another 5 spots.  Car will be going to service this week to try and get if figured out.  Overall I am happy with the finish.  We moved up 8 spots from last year and I continue to learn the cars limits, weaknesses, and strengths.  Already we are excited for next year as we continue to make more friends and keep old ones.  It is the craziest/toughest event I can think of doing, yet look forward to it each year.  Thanks again to my family and friends for the support, and a huge thanks to all of the sponsors and people that donated money in Elizabeth's honoe for Blank Pediatric Therapy.  We are up to approximately $5,000 now!!!  The kids at Blank are going to have a lot more devices to use that they wouldn't have had because of the generosity of our sponsors and individuals that bought stars.  Thank you so much.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pittsburg Perfect

Things went well at Pittsburg.  Track was short and it was cool so we didn't over heat.  The track was damp on the morning run so I took it easy, but I guess not as easy as other teams and I finished 23rd which is amazing.  The car was sliding around every corner but seemed easy to control.  Afternoon I was 14 seconds quicker as the track was now dry, but finished 28th---weird.  Anyway, we are now in South Bend and going to do the dry skid pad today.  We are in 33rd place overall and 5th in class.  Our 5th is set in stone, but overall it looks like we could possibly move up another position or two with a good run.  I am ecstatic we will finish at least 10 spots better than last year, but can't help but wonder what we would have finished if we didn't have car problems.  I will update on the road later after the awards ceremony.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

More overheating

Jag overheated again today on 3rd run of the day on the last lap half way around.  It cost us dearly.  I was catching the excellent driver in the Aston Martin and boom---limp home mode.  It's hard not to think where would be now points wise if that hadn't happened----I am quite disappointed.  We also had a big crash today in the OLOA with the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG.  I could be wrong, but I believe they are out now.  We are sitting in 5th place in our class and 33rd overall.  Hoping tomorrow the Jag can give us two more sessions so we could possibly move up into the 20's, although we were 43rd last year and are still doing quite well this year.  We are on our way to Pittsburgh now and are supposed to arrive about 10:30 tonight.  Hello to everyone.

Doing well---Jaguar and Markjon

Today we are Virginia International Raceway---wow!  Beautiful topography, track, facilities, and weather.  Today is 3 races on 3 different tracks---North/South/Full track.  North I placed 29th and South I placed 30th.  In about 45 minutes they will combine the two to make a 4+ miler track.  So far we are not having any overheating problems on the track, but as soon as we pit it goes into limp mode.  This is fine with me as long as it doesn't happen on the track.  This afternoon there is a straight away longer than a mile, which means another good finish for Team Bad Credit and a very high top speed.  Neither of us slept well last night, but I'm doing well and Steve is shot and a liitle grouchy.  I am going to give him some quiet time and he'll be fine.  I'll update again this afternoon once we're in the car and comfortable.  We head to Pittsburgh tonight.  We are still doing well mentally and physically overall.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Still good on points

Well we are at the hotel and I am calming down.  We lost a couple of positions overall thanks to the overheating, but I'm really hoping it fixes itself before tomorrow.  I have never raced at Virginia International Raceway, but everyone says its amazing.  I still can't believe all the tracks I have now raced at in the USA in the last 3 years---it's amazing.  Tomorrow is a normal day---race in the morning and race in the afternoon with a transit drive to Pittsburgh.  Besides our car issue today things are still going well.  Of course I am doing my best and am very competitive---but also know there are better cars here, better drivers here, and people with more experience.  I do know that no one is as good looking as me---so in that way I win.  Blog you tomorrow so I can get a little sleep.

Good news/Bad news

First the good news---I did well at Carolina Motorsports Park.  Morning session I finished 29th and afternoon session I think I remember I finished 30th.  Quite good and I like the track a lot.  An hour ago we left BMW Performance Center and that was a train wreck.  The Jaguar overheated after one lap and it went into limp home mode.  I was smart and kept going so I still got points, but we finished 2nd to last.  If you don't already know the car runs on 4 cylinders to save itself.  I waived everyone by, but as you can imagine I was pissed and it happened at BMW (I'll just leave it at that).  BMW was very gracious and gave us a box dinner and drinks.  There were also hundreds of people there watching which made it fun as well---of course until the Jag got hot.  We are headed to Virginia now and the car is running fine, it's also a beautiful drive.  Those of you that know me well know I don't like things that don't work perfectly----I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THE JAG RIGHT NOW.  It better be good to me tomorrow at VIR.  We only have about 145 miles left  to get to the hotel for tonight.  Plus, I have a little head ache from how mad I got.  I'm Looking forward to getting cleaned up and laying down tonight.  Thanks for checking in.

BIG CRASH---not us.

We just had 5 minutes ago our first big crash (we have had several minor ones).  An EVO lost it in a kink and just went through a tire wall.  Crews are with him now, and he is o.k.  It happens to be the car that is parked right next to us today, so we'll no all about it when it gets towed back.  It certainly seems their week is over---big damage.  We are in line to go two groups after they get the pieces picked up.  It's a perfect day weather wise here at Carolina Motorsports Park.